Extreme Performance

Extreme PerformanceIn addition to providing volume related bespoke doorset products, our specialist industry relationships and in-house technical expertise enables us to offer enhanced characteristics that reach the demands of extreme levels of performance and function.

Our specialist sourcing service and certification industry contacts allows us to positively assist the design development process where unusual and over sized configurations are required.

The Doorset Technology Extreme Performance range embraces the following key performance solutions:- 

  • Fire resistance in timber based doorsets up to FD120
  • Sound reduction up to 48 Rw dB
  • X-Ray shielding including vision panels up to FD60.
  • Steel doorsets up to 4 hour FR
  • Steel doorsets up to 53 Rw dB sound reduction
  • Timber-based security doorsets LPS 1175 approved
  • Home Office SEAP approved high security doorsets for government building stock
  • Ballistic rated doorsets
  • Clean room and operating theatre doorsets up to FD60
  • External entrance doorsets PAS 24 and Secure by Design approved
  • Intergrated anti-finger trap solutions up to FD60
  • A suite of doorset related design solutions appropriate to the Mental Health sector such as anti barricade/emergency release, impact resistant glasses and anti ligature hardware

Whatever technical challenges are presented, we believe we can offer a secure and competent solution that maximises client design innovation and choice.

Doorset Technology Extreme Performance Doorsets have been used extensively in a broad range of UK building types. Contact us for details.