SAM Architectural Mouldings

SAM Mouldings manufacture the highest quality and the widest range of MDF moulded products in the market place today, including skirting, architrave, door frames, window boards, stair treads, dado rails and cornice. As part of our service offer, Doorset Technology supply contract-specific finishing packages to to ensure compliance and compatibility of all component products, both in performance requirement and aesthetic appeal.

The versatility of the SAM moulding product enables it to be used effectively in all SAM Mouldingstypes of construction. Remarkable stability and excellent moisture resistance make it ideal for humid conditions. Long lengths reduce waste and the precision-made melamine bonded wood fibre-board has no defects (such as knots, shakes, and resins) making preparation minimal and producing a consistently superior finish in less time.

SAM Mouldings products can be supplied in a choice of finishes: pre-primed-ready for the top coat of paint, unprimed, or wrapped with real wood veneers, paper or foil. There is an in-house facility that can design and manufacture bespoke profiles to the design requirements of each individual contract.

Total care and attention to detail is maintained throughout the whole manufacturing process. Mouldings are designed and manufactured using the latest CAD/CAM technology and a continuous investment programme ensures that their machinery and equipment is kept right at the cutting edge of the industry. This technology and production process allows flexibility of manufacture, with reduced lead-in times and the ability to supply both large and small contracts.

In recent years MDF based door frames have been incorporated more and more in commercial contracts due to the reduced waste, consistency and ability to produce wider, stable sections.  Veneered frames are significantly cheaper than the solid hardwood and test evidence is now available demonstrating the ability of MDF to meet the performance requirement of up to FD60s. The appropriate door and seals must of course be used and Doorset Technology can ensure compliance between all the component products and provide cost planning to demonstrate the commercial advantages of incorporating MDF components.