Royde & Tucker

Royde & Tucker is the leading UK manufacturer of quality door hinges, high security bolts and double action pivots & emergency releases and form part of the Doorset Technology component range of products.

Recognised as being at the forefront of Architectural Royde & Tucker Concealed BearingIronmongery technology with a long-established reputation for high quality engineering, product design and innovation, Royde and Tucker products incorporate a no wear and maintenance free performance guarantee of up to 25 years.

HI-LOAD hinges are widely specified because they are high performance products with superior aesthetic appeal and available in the widest range of finishes.

Royde & Tucker manufacture a huge range of standard line items as well as bespoke items to suit specific project requirements

Specifiers recognise the stark truth that if a hinge fails the door fails and if the door fails the building fails. For this reason, our hinges are used on every type of door and every type of building. HI-LOAD is the hinge preferred by most UK door manufacturers, our products can be seen in most UK hospitals and healthcare faculties and are opening doors in all five London airports; for differing reasons PFI projects and DDA friendly buildings have contributed to greater awareness and demand for HI-LOAD hinges.