Lorient Acoustic, Smoke & Fire Seals

Building Regulations require large buildings to be sub-divided into smaller volumes or areas bounded by building elements which resist the spread of fire and smoke. Building a fire resistant wall is a relatively simple task. More complex is providing fire and smoke protection for the doorways which have to be formed if a building is to function.

Doors must have gaps between the leaves and the frame and between the bottom of the door and the floor. These gaps allow doors to be opened and closed easily and accommodate normal building movement. However, they also allow the passage of cold smoke, hot smoke, fire and sound.

The Solution

Lorient Finesse Group shot

The Lorient solution is to fit a seal system which, properly located and secured, prevents the passage of cold smoke, fire and hot smoke, and sound. Such a system would typically comprise:

  • Intumescent Seals fitted to the top and sides of a door. In the event of fire intumescent seals expand to 5 - 10 times their original size sealing the gaps around the door and providing an effective barrier to fire and hot smoke.
  • Cold Smoke Seals which seal the gaps around the door - including the threshold - when the door is closed. They provide a permanent barrier to the passage of cold smoke and also provide useful thermal or acoustic insulation.


The Lorient range centres on a unique collection of seals which can provide the highest standard of protection against sound, smoke at all temperatures and fire; while providing low frictional resistance for ease of operation, to help meet the accessibility requirements of Document M. Lorient’s acoustic, smoke and fire seals are tested for durability, with many achieving over 1,000,000 cycles on a full-size door assembly without failure.